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Exploring "The Power of Beliefs"

We are organising a session for people who are interested in improving the world and exploring what their contribution might be (or how they can expand the contribution they are already making). Anyone interested to join??

In this Teleseminar you’ll have the opportunity to share perspectives with other participants, and to use the powerful Avatar Materials to explore beliefs in consciousness together that make life as it is today.

You will learn about Harry Palmer’s perspective on Personal Responsibility, Compassion and Service to Others and you can share your insights with others. Here is a preview already: Protected content

This is a session not to be missed. There are many important crossover points occurring in the world today, and finding the keys that lead to a happier, more compassionate society is a great contribution.

The session takes about one hour, and will take place on Wednesday July 8th at 10 AM (GMT +1). Are you able to attend? Please sign yourself up via Protected content .

Looking forward to "meeting you there"!

Kind regards,

Marieke Verhoef

World Forum