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Felix who ?

Red what ?

Sure many of you can answer both questions latest since yesterday when - some call him bonkers - an Austrian jumped out of a capsule. Sponsored by another Austrian company.

The advertising relevance of all this has been calculated worth several Protected content Euros.

Reminds me somewhat of Sir Richard Branson ballooning activities way back. Was/is he bonkers ?

Jumping off Protected content Taipei or the Cristo Redentor (statue) in Rio ? Breaking the rules and laws to reach out for something superior ?

To establish a legacy ?

Some commented . . .

- With that money he/company could have done much more good in the 3rd world
- He's done on own risk. I wouldn't have helped. Like mountain climbers who freeze to death

How far have you gone to achieve what in the past and who were your hardest human brake pads and why ?

What say you ?

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