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Feminine values

I just joint the Internations community and find the Forum discussions very interesting. I'm concerned about evolution of society.
In Protected content launched an association aiming to promote feminine values at the workplace. Obviously many people find my approach of socio-cultural values very interesting as I suggest to have a look at traditional rules which govern society and see if we should not put those rules in question in order to go with change more efficiently and reach more humanity.
I would very much appreciate your comments about the following :

The major challenge facing us today is to place the human being in the centre of life. In geopolitics as well as in our everyday activities, things are becoming more and more complex and uncertain. Masculine values such as rationality, strength and hierarchical authority practiced by both men and women alike are not sufficient any longer. Companies must therefore explore and exploit new dimensions to maintain their innovation dynamic and their creativity. And the feminine values are part of it.

We recognize the amazing complexity and ingenuity of the human body. We should also recognize the socio-cultural values shaping human behavior. Masculine values and feminine values co-exist in men and women but it is only recently that we have begun to admit the importance, the existence and the vitality of feminine values.

Despite the progress that the feminist movement has generated for women’s cause, it has not been able to change the dominant system of masculine values in our societies. Up to a very recent date this system was the only professional model available and, paradoxically, the feminist movement adopted its values by copying men, leading to the emergence of the “business woman”.

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