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FIANCIAL MARKETS : new round of increases

EUROSTOXX: new round of increases

A potential reversal:
After a series of seven consecutive daily sessions and each time creating a new lower Eurostoxx index could find support on our barrel on the level of a decisive Protected content , following the decision of the central bank to lower its rate half a point. It is important to note that the lowest of the meetings of 10 and 24 October Protected content the November 21 form a circular typical reversed a reversal in the medium term.

The Eurostoxx prepares a figure of type 'Evening Star' on a graph 'daily' as the model Muné Hisa Homma like the previous 20, 21 and 24 November Protected content that of 24, 27 and 28 October . This figure subject to confirmation of meeting rising beautiful future date Friday 16 January undermine our anticipation of movement rebound in the longer term. On a monthly chart, a confirmation of our scenario would allow the formation of the same figure chartistes three months back on the bull at Protected content this figure would be validated with upward reaching the level of Protected content .

Media reinforcement on these levels:
The bottom of yesterday's meeting is our support through the cylindrical lower earlier in the image of the chart attached. Located on this level in Protected content coincides with the last Fibonacci retracement of 0.75 calculated on the latest wave of rebound since 21 November Protected content the level of Protected content the top of 6 January on the level of Protected content . In addition, the wedge formed from November 18 to January 9, broke last Monday has achieved its goal bearish.

The objectives of our bullish cylindrical strategy
The objectives of short-term rebound would be located on the levels of Protected content , 2375, Protected content Protected content reflect the Fibonacci ratios of the latest wave of fall in seven sessions. The objectives of the medium-term rebound would be located on the levels of Protected content , Protected content 2950, taking account of the highest Treaty August 11 last on the level of Protected content . To achieve this, the index will cross resistance located on the levels of Protected content , 2466, Protected content 2783.

The limits of our strategy:
Conversely, back test the level of Protected content put at risk our scenario, or even invalidate definitely below the level of Protected content .

Louis-Serge Real del Sarte

World Forum