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Financials markets : the question that hangs over investors

The only question that hangs over investors concerns the turning point of markets. The change of government in the United States only effective on January Protected content , the number of interlocutors extended to G20 and the challenge for German Chancellor renewal of its mandate next September have helped clear solutions and quick. For the record, the 'New Deal' and Bretton Wood had also given birth in pain. In the absence of corporate results in the short term, consumption trends during the holiday season will serve as an indicator. In the very short term, the Chinese entry in the capital of the insurer AIG and potential sales Citigroup Asset bring balm to the heart.

One finding, businesses sides remain under-valued and are targets for the market for mergers and acquisitions and provide opportunities for sovereign wealth funds holding so far about four trillion dollars in cash. Banks have been saved, the ECB and other central banks should continue their policy of reducing rates, Japan could have finished this stage to drain markets repatriation as other cash. The worst is probably behind us, the withdrawal of hedge-fund dries. The absence of vendor at the technical rebounds and weakening volumes attest.

On a purely technical, it is rare to find at the same time of such key materials. Across the Atlantic, the S & P500 is near Protected content coincides with the 'bottom' of Protected content 2002. After a drop of 44% since the beginning of the year, the Dow Jones could rebound on the level of Protected content . This represents the low point of Protected content 2003. the Dow could reach 10,300 by end Protected content . The crux on the Nasdaq is located on the level of Protected content . The area not to pass on the Eurostoxx is placed on the level of Protected content penalty of return on the level of Protected content . A level crossing in Protected content the CAC could lead five hundred points lower to regain the level of Protected content March Protected content .

The break-level Protected content on the index could send the Nikkei on the bottom of its downtrend channel history on the level of Protected content . The oil could rebound before the next meeting of OPEC on the level of $ 49.50 to reach targets on levels of $ 74 and $ 87 or $ Protected content Picture of the graph attached on

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