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Fire Meditation in Bali 21st June to 24th June


Recently, I have begun doing meditations through our Spiritual Teacher and Himalayan Master called Yogi Madhukar Ji. He has spent many lifetimes meditating in the Himalayas and in this life upon meditating in the Himalayas he got connected to higher energies and understood his mission was to uplift humanity and souls through healings and meditations. More information on him and the work he does through his centre called Samyama Healing Centre can be found at Protected content

Yogiji is connected to some higher energies which he refers to as Siddha Energies. He has special access to there and he very graciously connects these to participants during personal healings, meditations and retreats. I am attaching an information sheet on Siddha Energies for your quick reference.

Be it financial, career, mental, health, emotional or relationship related issues, Madhukarji does something called a soul reading which can shed light on the root cause of the patterns or blockages that we are experiencing. We may also know what is the purpose of this birth for our souls and if any blockages are there in the soul journey in this life, which is stopping our overall or any specific growth. Through the readings, he may suggest some personal distant healings (done via mediation) to release the root cause of the problems being experienced. More information on this can be found at Protected content

I have done the soul readings and healing through him. I cannot even begin to tell you the amount of difference I have seen in my life. It is not just related to mental aspects, but even physical, emotional and financial as well. It is said that if you take care of your soul, your soul will take care of you. Personally, through my association with him I have seen toxic people leaving me and I am now attracting better work, health and happy life. My inter-personal relations with my family has increased manifold. Emotionally I am very stable and more in tune with everything around me. I am only touching the tip of the iceberg here.

What is meditation: Protected content

As you may have heard or may be aware, even doing meditation by itself can have many wonderful benefits and in guruji's own words you may read about a lot of the benefits here:

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Why to know past life Karma?: Protected content

Please visit these three links to read some case studies of the miraculous work that Yogiji has performed:

​1) A new born baby who haven't cried, moved or open eyes after birth bust still breathing: ​ Protected content
2) Curse removal: ​ Protected content
3) ​Past life healing transforms a young lady: Protected content
4) Past life regression gave life to family: Protected content
​Further, he is planning a very special retreat and fire meditation in Bali from June Protected content it would be lovely for you all to join us and meet him there. You can know more about the event here Protected content . We have previously attended fire meditations through him in Dubai and Mumbai and I am attaching some pictures here for your reference. The Siddha Energies that he is connected to can be seen as violet light in these pictures taken from phones without any special equipment. They are wonderfully calming and beautiful energies. He also does wonderful open satsangs at his events where people may ask any questions regarding karma, past lives, spirituality, how to be better human beings, etc. And Guruji with a lot of patience and loves, answers every question posed to him with care and deep thought.

I can keep going on and on about him and his work, but I do sincerely hope you will consider joining us in Bali (I have attached the poster here for your reference too) and experiencing it firsthand. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity as he doesn't conduct too many events and there is no certainty on how many more he will conduct. It is our humble intention to connect as many souls to him as possible so that they may also experience relief and release from the problems that have held them back in this lifetime (and maybe even earlier ones). Please feel free to share this information with whoever you feel might be interested and you may share my contact information also in case you would like to connect me to someone .

Thank you for taking the time to read my mail and patiently hearing me out. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to me and we can discuss this in more detail. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Hardik Soni
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