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Food for Thought, let’s explore!

Unless having housemaids, majority of us do supermarket shopping on regular basis.

1)- What is your attitude towards food shopping? Ie: some aim to grab trolley, target food list and leave supermarket asap. Others enjoy reading nutrition labels for as long as it takes, others get stressed out just by watching kids tantrums, people chatting in the middle of aisles, or storm out when a shopper accidently drop eggs in one’s shoes. Many enjoy bumping into friends, others observe couples arguing on whether to shop only organic vegies instead of sales vegies offers, others arrive with earphones and avoid eye-contact whilst others are ready to flirt; some only shop reduced food items daily, some get irritated at long cashiers queues, at times we even walk away with wrong changed given; others aim to taste and drink all new products offered, a great majority text or do calls, some only buy frozen food and what are your basic must have?

2)- Food quality and pricing are impacted due climate change, export prices, lack of land for crops, political interests/conflicts, war, oil price, currency etc. **Food related links to follow later. What measures if any, can we take to alleviate not only our pockets financially, however to eradicate world hunger? Let’s not forget water is a commodity due privatization.

What is your take?

Let’s share experiences, opinions, believes and the like.

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