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For anyone that does investing or FX exchange.

I could not find a suitable investment package for myself that was extremely flexible and could be used for multiple purposes, and performed well; so I met with the owners of a large investment house and designed my own.

They can do any type of investing - shares, FX, spread, all types of derivatives, bonds... the package acts more like a bank account with no lock in periods and can be tailored (risk profile) specifically to a personal requirement(s), so potential returns would be personalised too.
It can also use hard assets (collateral) for investing in the markets - art, property, machinery... (much like a bank gives LTV) I get a percentage on different assets dependant on global location and value.
I also can amend/switch the in-house senior traders working on the funds - so if performance is not great one month with one trader who is having personal issues; I also monitor this via a senior broker) and switch to a better trader - this gives them incentive to do well. Their commissions are also largely based on performance. So the better I do; they better they do - an idea straight out of that great book freakonomics. We can also have as much control over the investing as we want.

I added an additional caveat - any introduced business via a secondary party receives a nice little percentage of the companies earnings - my idea on this was to roll that straight back into our internations community. into a side fund that we could use for whatever we can thing works best. We could possibly arrange fun parties in different locations from the proceeds or some other means to put it back into the community - if enough of us use them perhaps over time even buying small properties in different cities for short term accommodation needs for members moving to new places, could set it up as a separate charity? Any ideas on how to do this would be useful but want it to go to the community so we at least all get the possibility of benefit.

Let me know if you are interested - I use the London office to pass business so will need to make sure I organise a new business referral code so it can be tagged internally.

Hope this proves useful.

All the best


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