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Forex and VIX Trading

Dear All members

As we know Forex and VIX trading has been real to many of us, I write to seek your help to spread the word of trading to many people in the world. Most people are struggling to earn a living and their families are suffering. Who knows what will change their lives.

I provide free mentorship services regarding:
- Introduction to trading;
- Registration of accounts;
- Orientation to Metatrader App and
- Practising on Demo.
These things may appear easy to a trader but it will be jargon to newbies. Please be advised that YOU Pay no money for learning and even for practising. I am sure you once heard investment schemes where you are told to Invest money and Receive it with 100% or 200% or 300% etc. Many newbies have fallen victims of many scammers! Come and I will FREELY teach you how they do trade your money.

I got the following PDF materials plus Whatsapp Groups and a Facebook page to facilitate the interactions with newbies. Interested newbies are subject to my basic general assessments.

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