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FRANKFURT: Fashion Marketing/Brand Ambassador


Fashion Marketing Agent/Brand Ambassador
• university educated or over 10 years experience in the fashion industry
• presentable, well manicured and stylish
• great presentation and negotiation skills
• organized and concrete
• dependable and autonomous-strong work ethic, results oriented
• professional, friendly, approachable and passionate about the fashion industry • male or female
• ages Protected content
• English plus additional European language

Duties include:
• Target luxury fashion boutiques and end customers in major international cities • Organize private sample viewings for collection and closing new business
• Organize and host fashion cocktail parties and events with exclusive guest list • Act as local representative and Ambassador for N E I M A S I T A W I
• Point of contact for media, press, and online fashion community
• Managing marketing and events budget
• Managing the distribution of marketing material
• Managing local suppliers for events
• Sourcing models, hair stylists and makeup artists for events

• 15% return on all direct orders
• 3% return on all wholesale orders (to boutiques)
• 40% discount to entire line at all times
• 20% gift vouchers for friends and family
• expense budget
• some paid travel
• partnership opportunities
• co-branding and cross marketing opportunities
• access to global network and platforms

How to host a N E I M A S I T A W I Fashion party
• create, manage and update guest list with your selection of local and regional boutique owners, buyers, distributors etc..
• add valuable, personal contacts (potential clients at our price point and in our target demographic)
• receive and manage the digital files for printing of the marketing material which can be expensed.
• receive and manage all copy text for your initial email
• receive and manage a generic N E I M A S I T A W I press release and adapt it to your local market and event details
• You will create a short list for theme and mood of the event that is in line with the mood of the collection-to de discussed
• You must create a shortlist for the event venue and we will discuss the pros and cons and make a final decision
• negotiate prices and terms with suppliers to the event
• manage very strict budget for: makeup artist, hair stylist, catering, bar, decorations
• be resourceful in sourcing free labor: music, models, photographers, videographer
• attend all supplier and press related meetings in professional attire
• give small presentation at events to present the designer
• find and organize sponsors for free giveaways to your guests (chocolates,
gift certificates, vouchers to services locally)
• engage the press to be sure your event is covered by the local news, journals • engage local women’s networks for sponsorship, venue space, free services, products, ideas, access to their distribution list, cross marketing and co branding
opportunities. Also for the opportunity to host the party at one of the existing Christmas party
• create and maintain social media channels to create buzz for the event: Facebook page,Twitter page, posting in InterNations for your county or region
• Posting press release online via various social media channels
• The guest list is to remain exclusive and is not to include friends and contacts but rather targeted people who could truly appreciate and afford the product.
• The social media and promotional work is to generate local interest in the brand and NOT to increase the gust list numbers. The party should remain intimate and exclusive with only Protected content
• At the event, you must be sure there is wi-fi access and a laptop (If I am there I will bring mine) to make available the online boutique.
• All guests will receive 40% off of all items purchased via internet with credit card the night of the party and they will be given a voucher when they go home for 20% off to purchase online over the week following the event.

contact: Protected content

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