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There is so much talk about FREEDOM, but what exactly is freedom. Is it freedom to create chaos and unrest? Is it freedom to cause havoc and devastation? Is it freedom to manipulate economies? Is it freedom to bear arms? Is it freedom to “rob” from the poor? Or is it freedom to exert control? I guess freedom means different things to different people. To the following, freedom I expect may mean:

Thieves - To steal without fear of prosecution and imprisonment
Rapists - To rampantly rape yet have nothing to answer for
Molesters - To grope at will
Armed robbers - To rob without facing resistance and ramifications
Paedophiles - For there to be no age barrier
Most men - To practice polygamy
Practitioners - Prescribe and face no criminal prosecution or civil suits
Drug addicts - To consume drug cocktails with impunity
Drug peddlers - To manufacture drugs with impunity
Dope-heads – Legalization
Moneylenders - To charge exorbitantly and seize defaulters at will
Traders - To trade without barriers, tariffs, quotas or competition
Manufacturers - No government controls
Bootleggers - For the abolition of copyrights and intellectual property
Teachers - To teach whatever they like
Murderers - To kill at will
Prisoners - Physical liberty
Children - No school – just play and play
Adulterers - The right to bonk everybody’s spouses
Journalists - The abolishment of editors
Soldiers / law enforcers - No superior officers
Hunters – Year-round open seasons and no protected species
Con artists - For willing victims to have no recourse
Criminally insane - To be set free or let loose
Employees - No “hire and fire” but just hire
Casinos - Abolishment of licenses
Motorists - No fines
Borrowers - To pay as you like, when you like
Bankers – For no end to your payments
Lawyers - No objections
Accountants - Empowered to deduct everything
Employers - Abolishment of labour laws and unions
Bars & Discos - To open 24 hours
Bigots - To discriminate and be prejudicial

After all isn’t freedom about the privilege of making choices and decisions that you view as most suitable and “fair”? Isn’t freedom about what you want and what you want to do and how you are going to do it?

Maybe now we change the tune a little bit and perhaps call it “conditional” freedom, “freedom so long as…”, “partial freedom”, “sensible freedom” and the likes.

So before establishments go about shooting their mouths about “freedom” they should pause for a while to see how perplexing and divisive they may sound and look. Basically, it is just simply “their way”, “their will”, “their standards”, “their preferences”, “their objectives” and “their so on”. Is that freedom? Nah …… the last time I checked, they used to call it governance or religion - which in actuality is the same thing.

In essence, FREEDOM is CHAOS and CHAOS is FREEDOM. It is a stage where everybody is free to do as they please. So there is only conditional freedom which is inequality.

Any of you like to express your visions or perceptions of FREEDOM?

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