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French, Arabic & Wolof Lessons €1000 w/room & book

SenegalStyle Language Programs! French, Arabic or Wolof (for the Senegambia region) - all inclusive, with room and books, with or without meals, based in Dakar, Senegal, West Africa! I know that seems weird that it's not in France but Senegalese have a high level of French scholarship, in fact, the first President of Senegal (Senghor) was in charge of regulating the French language (grammar and written French). When he developed the Ministry of Education he brought all that background back to the country and made Senegal the leader in French of all the francophone colonies.

Fast forward to today.

Senegalese are also Muslims and there are Doctorate's level programs at the Universities in Arabic as well as French, Wolof & English. Arabic scholars routinely go to Mauritania, Pakistan or Yemen (in the desert) to study Koran as well as Arabic (or Dubai & Saudi Arabia if they come from a rich family!) and these are the instructors used in the program.

High quality teachers that have masters level degrees in English as well, and not 'tutors' and this is what makes the difference.

Budget priced and reasonable enough to afford on your own if your employer isn't paying. SenegalStyle Language Programs are listed on StudyAbroad and as well as other services, including Google for more background information!

Catering to students on a budget and people needing to upgrade their job skills, the cost is $ Protected content month with no meals provided (restaurants are close by and students have microwaves, refrigerators and kitchen privileges) or $ Protected content meals provided 2x a day, breakfast and dinner.

Classes are 5x a week, 2hrs a day with 2hrs of homework. Three very large French homework books are included, French Pronouns and Prepositions, Complete French Grammar, and French Verb Tenses (in English so you can understand them!) along with room accommodation and professional instruction by a French teacher, certified by the Senegalese Ministry of Education. As they all have upper level degrees in English as well, students can ask questions and get answers in a language they can understand. Also, BECAUSE the teachers have Masters Degrees in English, they know what it's like to be a student of a language that is not their own, and have more empathy.

This is the website:

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If you want to get to that 'next level' - here's an inexpensive way to upgrade your language skills and make your cv more attractive to potential employers, especially the UN. AND the best part is, you will be living and learning in Senegal, West Africa - touring on the weekends, parties at night (Dakar is party town fo sure!), and sports activities, hanging out on the beach etc. It's a great town. I've lived here for almost 15 years and have no desire to return to the USA!

All major credit cards and e-checks accepted via PayPal. (About) $ Protected content $ Protected content month includes room, books & instruction (meals optional). One month will get you started speaking basic French, and the books will help you to maintain and keep you learning, two months of intensive study will make you fluent conversationally and three months is enough to get a promotion!

If you have a vacation or R&R coming up - choose Senegal and take a learning break instead!

Protected content for more info!

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