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Fundamental Vietnamese for Non-Vietnamese Speakers

The book Vietnamese with Ease 1 is compiled for beginners to learn Vietnamese, with the spirit of enhancing the practicality of communication purposes, focusing mainly on listening and speaking skills. Thereby, it helps learners to quickly develop daily communication reflexes and easily integrate into the Vietnamese speaking environment.

The book is designed in clear structures, vivid images, simple and concise explanations, minimizing the use of the second language in the process of learning Vietnamese. Each lesson comprises the following parts:

Conversation & Grammar
Reading Comprehension
Pronunciation Practice
Cultural Note (Slang; Game; Song)

The vocabulary part is mainly explained by pictures along with exercises to help learners grasp topic vocabulary.

By understanding real-world conversation situations, learning grammar in context becomes easier and more fun. Learners can also practice grammar structures through creating short conversations using pictures from the previously learned vocabulary.

The reading part also helps learners become familiar with the Vietnamese writing style, usage of Vietnamese words and structures incomplete texts.

Moreover, the practice of writing also helps learners to hone their writing skills in Vietnamese by topic, applying the learned vocabulary and grammatical structures.

The pronunciation practice helps learners improve their pronunciation and distinguish similar Vietnamese sounds.

Using cultural factors, slang, games and Vietnamese song also make lessons more interesting. Learners can also discuss and compare cultural characteristics of Vietnam with other cultures.

In addition, the self-assessment at the end of each lesson also can help learners manage their learning by themselves by taking notes on the parts that they do not understand or are not yet confident. Therefore, they can focus on improving those parts and skills.

All lessons in this book are designed with the desire to make learning Vietnamese easier and more enjoyable. Thereby, it can ignite the curiosity and interest of learners towards the language and culture of Vietnam.

I hope that this book will help you on your way to conquer the Vietnamese language. Shortcomings are unavoidable in the book compilation process. Therefore, any comments or suggestions from readers for the book would be highly appreciated.

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