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Future business opportunity $$$$

Government contacts is all it takes to earn some substantial money and make your country cleaner and greener.

Our company Amol Energo Ltd doesn't have big marketing expenses so as as a thankyou I will pay you at least 15,000us$ for providing me with a contact through your local governments environmental department, which leads to sales of our new tyre and plastic recycling plants.I will pay you for each plant sold by your contact.

I am a representative for Amol Energo Ltd and for 15 years we have been developing and 100% environmentally friendly tyre and plastic recycling plants. After 2 years use successfully in India we are now ready to help other countries with their environmentaal problems,make money for them and provide some employment too! Each plant takes 9 tons of tyres a day and they are sold in pairs to make them cost effective. The reason they are easy to sell is because after the tyres are processed in our plants you have 40% oil,10% Steel and the rest is black carbon ,which has many uses.These ,of course ,can be sold giving a return on investment of only 11 months ! Our first European plant is opening in the Czech republic in august this year,and of course, potential buyers will be very welcome to visit it. My email is Protected content will forward more information and our presentation on request. Our presentations are currently in English, German, Spanish and French we are of course working on other languages too.If you care about your environment,contact me now ! You'll be glad you did !

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