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Future business opportunity $$$$

Do you have Government or Private Enterprise Contacts???

I am sales agent for Amol Energo Ltd who are manufacturers of Tyre and plastic recycling plants, due to having an excellent product with advanced technology and at a very competitive price, we expect to be market leaders in our field in a very short period of time.Our plants extract Oil,Gas,Steel and Carbon black with zero pollution to the environment which is one of the main attractions for our technology apart from the incredibly competitive price.
Our company has been testing the plants in India for 3 years with great success and following that we decided to go worldwide and in only a few months we have taken orders for approx 70 plants in countries such as Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Thailand, Slovakia and Nigeria, every country is available to you apart from India which has an exclusive contract with us.
A lot of Chinese companies are putting out claims on websites saying they have plants that do the same as ours but they don't perform the same way, which is a reason we haven't put out our website initially as to not be associated with these people, but the website is on the way which will have the new designs and even more advanced technology, We are constantly updating and researching our plants to ensure we stay ahead of our so called competitors.
What I need are government or Private Enterprise contacts to sell our plants to and our current marketing strategy is to award people like yourself very well who care about the environment and would like to work with me.I will pay you 15,000 us$ for any contact which leads to a sale/s and I will pay you this amount for each plant sold. In the future.The time for the return on the capital is very short which will appeal greatly to politicians or businessmen alike.

Thank you in advance for a moment or your time, if you think you are able to provide solid contacts which result in sales of our plants then please don't hesitate to contact me on Protected content and I will forward our Presentation/Purchase Offer on request which is ready in English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese, if you need the presentation in another language then please don't hesitate to ask me for it.

Hope to do business with you in the near Future.

Best Regards....

Murray Sampson
Sales Agent for Amol Energo Ltd.

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