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Future Business Opportunity $$$

I hope this introduction finds you well and you can take a minute to read through.I am a sales agent and I am looking for investors or people with contacts within Governments to promote and sell my product and try and clean up our planet.I am part of a new and exciting project with an amazing product , advanced technology and with a lower price compared to our competitors, we expect to be market leaders in our field in a very short period of time.
We, Amol Energo Ltd manufacture 100% Environmentally friendly Tyre and Plastic recycling plants which don't pollute Air, Water or the Earth, yes that’s right gone have the days when companies try and clean up the planet but end up polluting it more.Our process is Depolymerization the big difference between standard Pyrolysis process and our Depolymerization process is Pyroylisis means firing at more than Protected content Celsius for the process but depolymerization means dividing elements with only Protected content Celsius with no burning so in turn zero pollution, that is why our plants can be situated anywhere in your state or country, this technology is not yet used widely throughout the world that’s why I want to introduce you to the idea, Our plants can process 12 tons per day and run 24/7 they extract 40% Oil, 10% Steel, 10% Gas and the rest is carbon Black which has numerous uses as you can imagine this is a very profitable business indeed, this is why our plants are what every Government or Businessman/Investors are looking for to make there country cleaner and greener and with the environmental benefits and investment so impressive and so lucrative your government or local investor businessman can't say no.
You will be able to return your investment after only 8 months with 1 operating plant, we send our staff to train future employees and also oversee the construction to ensure everything is working correctly.If you are interested as a businessman/women or have contacts within your government to provide sales i am paying 15,000 US$ for each plant sold through your contact, if the business appeals to you then we can organize a inviting discount , we can do this as we don't have large marketing expenses at the moment and it also gives our contacts an incentive to sell our advanced technology.
Our Plants can do both Tyres and Plastics with a short change over time for cleaning and preparing for the next product.I would like to send you our detailed Presentation/Purchase offer with future calculations of investment on request for you to study the detailed information and figures to see for yourself how inviting this project actually is.My email is Protected content , looking forward to making contact with you, please send me an email for further information and I will send it out to you.Thank you for your time.

Best Regards
Mr M. Sampson
Snr Sales Agent for Amol Energo.
Tel : Protected content
Skype : murraysampson2

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