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Gamify Democracy; What is Next Gen. Democracy?

If there was a style of democracy that created Verifiable, Quantified, Moral Reputations for all political discourse in such a pattern that every person on the planet could participate in all governance that directly affected them or interested them, Would you help to build it and customize it to your local democracy? A virtual reflection of Democracy and society that is designed to facilitate compassionate responsible abundance and a stable clean and thriving environment and remove the bottlenecks of different languages and contractual agreements that are hampering global awareness and sustainable change.
This is my dream. explains some of it. I am studying interactive digital game design in Brisbane Australia so that I can do it by myself. I would much rather work with a global team of developers and co-creators.

I can also guarantee that in the process we will develop a meaning translation software that translates conversation into true meaning of all languages simultaneously and at conversational speed.

Imagine what that would mean for travellers and governance.

I have a really big dream.
A vision of Infinity and Compassionate Responsible Abundance.
Do you want to harmonize with this vision and add your input into the initial framework?

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