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Germans Can't Fathom US Aversion to Obama's Reform

Spiegel quote:Germans Can't Fathom US Aversion to Obama's Healthcare Reform(An American Expats view)

by Democrats Ramshield

Written by an American Expat who holds an M.B.A. degree living in Germany!
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The German mainstream magazine the Spiegel in its English language edition yesterday published an article which this diary attempts to review, wherein we see a detailed discussion of the bewilderment and baffling confusion, which has engulfed the citizens of the largest economy in Europe, which has become the number 3 exporting nation in the world, as to how it is that thinking civilized people in the Protected content election may oppose the sensible and indeed minimal health care reforms proposed by the Obama administration from being effectuated fully across America.

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Spiegel quote:
"Premature death rates are 68 percent higher in the US than in the best-performing countries. As many as 91,000 fewer people would die prematurely if the US could achieve the leading country rate, the report said. Instead, the study notes that "access to healthcare significantly eroded since Protected content with more than 81 million working-age adults -- some 44 percent of those aged 19 to Protected content or underinsured in Protected content . This was an increase of 35 percent from Protected content
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Let's be clear about just one thing please, it is believed that while 57,000 Americans lost their lives in the Vietnam War, that the nation has remembered their passing with memorials. Yet this writer notes that no such memorials have been built across America to note the passing of the 91,000 dead Americans, who've passed unnecessarily according to the OECD report cited above, simply because they didn't have access to medical type insurance or other types of coverage. To be clear every life lost is important and marks a personal tragedy to the nation which must, can and should be recognized. This must be prevented in the future by immediate universal medical coverage for all Americans as a human right from cradle to grave, just like in every other major industrialized country in the world today. Let's be clear that these 91,000 dead Americans are our brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, fathers and mothers. They are the guy or gal next door. They are human beings who have needlessly suffered and died in the richest country on earth! Because they couldn't get healthcare access. Please help us stop this needless tragedy this election year.

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Spiegel quote:
"In Germany, PEOPLE ARE BAFFLED by how hostile a country as religious as the United States can be to the principle of mandatory healthcare insurance. Not even conservatives question the system, which business people say gives Europe's largest economy a competitive advantage."
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Let's be clear from an American expat's perspective who is living in Germany, not only is it clear that this is baffled the people in Germany who find themselves in a complete state of bewilderment in attempts to understand how it is that the American people can allow this senseless medical tragedy to go on, even to Protected content , but that profound bewilderment and confusion is shared by civilized people all across the European Union, who in this regard have come to see America as a de facto pariah state, which has been taken over by the Tea Party led politics that has through the plutocrat owned media so brainwashed the American people into adopting right wing politics, that this needless tragedy of medical indigency is allowed to continue as a recognizable badge of international shame!

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Spiegel quote:
"As the United States Supreme Court considers whether requiring people to have health insurance is unconstitutional, GERMANS ARE BEWILDERED
as to why so many Americans appear to be against universal coverage."

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Spiegel quote:
"They also question the continued portrayal of US President Barack Obama and his health reform backers as socialists and communists, noting that healthcare was introduced in Germany in the 19th century by Otto von Bismarck, who was definitely not a leftist, and is supported by conservative and pro-business politicians today."
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