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Germany, Martial Law,After the Crisis/Catastrophe


Article by LD Maldonado Fonken
Why the cities are not a safe place? On The Future of Germany After the Crisis/Catastrophe ( Will the Martial Law solve everything?)
On Emotional self-management, for crisis management and survival

Reuters: Protected content

For some time now, i have heard about disasters that never take place, Protected content that never show up, UFO atacks / landing that are to be scheduled still, and mega asteroids that may fall on earth, even GMO Humans with nanotech announcing a zombie apo-kolips.
I think the concern of people isnt only about what to eat or drink, or where to live, i mean shelter. But if they would ever survive a disaster. But how to prepare yourself for something you have no idea how could be nor experienced ever before.
What could be more disastrous than a government reminding its citizens that need to be prepared for a disaster? at this time of the new century isnt that reminder redundant, after so many financial crisis and media infused fear regarding banks, terrorism and viruses?

I remember once sharing with some "friends"in germany on the several complex earthquakes i noticed through a website specialized for those announcements, around the pacific coasts.
They did not react..i was wondering why? well..they explained to me, those here never happened.
While i did grow up in southamerica, in a time where earthquakes, took place, one of the first things we learned was to have prepared some food, equipment, in a little backpack, so we could take it with us while leaving the house as soon as all starts shaking.
BUt what if the earthquake catches you away from your house, what if when you are back no one of your relatives is there, what if... many questions, ifs, that will be answered and carefully planned and discussed on advanced at home...that eventually will be forgotten in case of crises, nevertheless important enough to review them after every new earthquake.
I remember the last one i experienced in this 6 stocks building, watching the walls vibrating like my yoga matt, when i want the dust to leave its surface. Backpack? waht? which one.. did i had one? yes, there was one, we all forgot.
That day i learned that it doesnt matter how much you prepare your logistics it is your mind, emotions and body that needs to be read. Fear do not only paralyses you but makes you blind, eventually blind of all of those things you need to see and consider in order to survive, as the survival situation you do not want to be in, you reject it in your mind, so you cant act on a situation you decided not to perceive while it is taking place.

Germany announced please stock reuters add:
Protected content

Why the government did not ask to its citizens: prepare yourself emotionally, meditate, practice yoga, know yourself, be ready in all sense.
Well i think that second call would have really terrify people, why? simple, because people is more afraid of being afraid than from a situation they have not experienced yet...and there is nothing that could infuse more fear than the unknown: yourself.
How to survive into an unexpected situation you know nothing about? well, i you forget your well prepared backpack, and lose everything on hand to deal with the situation taking place right now, there is something, only one thing you can trust: yourself.
But what if you lose yourself, if you dont even have yourself with you or you dont know yourself?
Protected content remember myself discussing with my girlfriend at that time in germany on the so famouse Protected content , both considering what would happened if would really take place... (exotic way to entertain ourselves, but that was our time in germany, we did)... well, i remember telling her: Look, the most terrible thing wouldnt be to die in the event, by a wall, mass of water, asteroid or virus... if all gets to nothing, cities, energy (with a sun explosion), or virus,...and only few survive... the most dangerouse thing will be about to take place. It is simple to die in a natural catastro-fee, to pay for all you and all in your family house have done, just at once, like purifiying the earth with one or few seconds of fear, terror, and dying process... maybe for some liberating enough...

But if you do not die, you must after that event survive. If there is still a government, it will need to take control of a situation isnt controllable enough. A martial law will apply. But did survive so many military to protect the national interests and civilians and government from... the future?
The most dangerouse place to be will be the cities i said. "Why?" asked my girlfriend. I said it is very simple, people living of f the grid or in nature are already used to live in survival mode...

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