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When writing you’re CV, the normal advice from companies is that you should not include online gaming as part of your hobbies. This can be potentially seen as a negative as companies will think you are going to be playing games or on Facebook all day. We are seeing that now more than ever companies are looking to see this type of hobby on the CV. Playing online games, allows people to develop and think strategically, grow tactical awareness, learn how to cooperate to achieve and companies can see that somebody has a genuine passion which a lot of employers are looking for.

We are currently working with a number of companies that are actively looking to see people who have a passion for massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPG). There are significant job opportunities within these companies as they are a world-wide phenomenon. Gaming is a major employer of highly experienced and talented individuals and this sector will only grow and develop. There are serious opportunities to build a long term career and what we are recommending to candidates is that if you have a passion for games or game playing and would like to build a career in this space, include any and all experience on your CV.

Dive into a world with thousands of other players and prove yourself in accessible and engaging tactical combat, progression and exploration games and get paid for it! If you speak German and have an interest in online gaming as a career please get in touch and share your thoughts on this. Are you a gamer and would you put that down on your CV or not?

We are really keen to hear your feedback, please let me know your thoughts on or contact me directly on Ivonne Rauhut via email Protected content or phone Protected content

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