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Get the 'C' out of Travel

‘IF’ we can all keep our heads and business about us etc…..(apologies to Rudyard Kipling).

We are wont to travel and want to travel…. but not for a while…..

At The Top Travel Club we do not anticipate any revenues until the ‘C’ (Covid / Corona / China) virus entanglement has been defeated as our only source is from membership dues. However we are still open and will easily survive due to well-controlled fixed and variable costs.

Travel is Dead - Long Live Travel.
We are very realistic about the demise in the next 6 to 12 months for global travel but we are still open for some business.

We do not anticipate any new members joining us to review our listed and linked direct booking travel offers from over Protected content travel businesses (mostly SME’s - which are our preference).

We do not anticipate any direct travel sales for our travel business clients from our club website from our members - we do not sell travel - our members Go-Direct & Save.

We do not anticipate any new partners for our Travel Affiliate Program.

BUT, we will still accept new travel business clients and will add their direct booking offers by destinations and activities at no cost for any of our services - our revenues are 100% membership dues which will now cease. It only takes a few minutes to add (Do It Yourself) product offers after onsite FOC registration.

Even though we do not anticipate any travel sales for our clients by our members we offer an excellent resource for travel planning by any traveller who is self-isolating or simply hoping for a better travel future after we get out of this horrendous ‘C’ virus entanglement.

As we begin to recover, our travel business clients can always log in and update their offers to meet the future demand for quality travel adventures from our members…..all FOC.


On another tack…
Let us ask ourselves to review and be truthful about our thoughts and opinions for travel after the ‘C’ entanglement is no longer a clear and present danger.

I ask myself…
Do I want to be in a crowded airport…take a crowded and uncomfortable flight….be in another crowded airport….perhaps in a country with lesser health controls….go to an all-inclusive resort….join a tour bus with another Protected content on a gigantic cruise ship with Protected content of other travellers….land at foreign ports to take more crowded tours….line up at food buffets….even get on a train….stay in ginormous hotels or visit countries that do not have acceptable health, safety and security systems in place?

All of the latter are optional whereas many of us have to still get on crowded buses and trains and planes for work….but it’s a lot of ‘food for thought’ about our travel business futures.

Long-haul travel may have problems if the airlines return with higher fares and even worse customer care than they ‘used’ to offer plus potential for increased health checks at airports both on departure and arrival and the requirement for us to wear face masks inflight.

I believe that we shall see a growth in ‘staycations’and small business growth in the UK / Europe / USA / Canada / Australia / New Zealand / South Africa where journeys by car, camper or RV are readily available and easy to handle for individuals and families. No need for mass transit apart from the odd short ferry ride and no need for additional travel insurance.

The critical factor could be Travel Insurance for cancellation and medical coverage (some age groups or medical preconditions may be eliminated from coverage) and the costs may sky-rocket. Hence more staycations.

On another tack….To me, trust is paramount….Do we trust the words emanating from China?

This has to be said as I believe the fear of ‘C’ et al is now present with many of us…..inbound Chinese tourism to western countries. I believe there will be a tremendous rejection of these tours which use the bus, train, boat or plane to visit our local tourism venues, be they villages, towns, cities, cultural sites, parks and wilderness areas and arrive in large groups (often wearing face-masks).

And…do we want to travel to China?

Be honest with yourselves about our industry and your travel businesses and be realistic about the future of travel industry jobs and opportunities….now, as a precaution, it may be a good time to develop new skills for other industries or challenges in a changed business world until you are able to return to this wonderful lifestyle industry……. when it rebounds….and it will but it will be different!

An old flying term comes to mind - CAVU (Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited) for when normalcy returns.

So once you have embraced ‘IF’ you will enjoy CAVU!

That’s my two cents worth…… until I get paid again!

And to close with a nudge, nudge, wink, wink and even a smile…

Confucius may have said this….
“Those (people, businesses, corporations or countries) that get too big for their pants will be totally exposed in the end.”

Tony Humphrey, Top Hand at The Top Travel (now unpaid).

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