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Getting or Being

What is enlightenment? And what are you? Getting enlightened or Being Enlightened?

There is a door that stands before us.

Most do not even know it exists. Going through life with their heads down and their eyes closed.

Some are aware of its presence. It is just off the periphery of their gaze; a fuzzy, tiny image. But they know it is there. They can feel it, more than see it.

Some are able to lift their head and look directly at the door. The strain on your eyes and neck are great. You can treat it like exercise and work those muscles out, get them strong. But that takes consistency. Otherwise your head just lowers slowly back.

Still others can actually walk toward it. That takes such focus. The effort exerted to get there, leaves you a bit out of breath. You bend over with your hands on your knees to keep your balance, and take in deep breaths of air. You can feel the pull, like the floor is tilting beneath you and you lean forward; it is more of a pull actually. And you get back level and stand. Calmness slowly returns, as your heartbeat slows – and you look around.

I’m OK.

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