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I thought I was dreaming but it was an emotion that sprung up from God knows what depths within me.

Woke up to empty my bladder and I suddenly started thinking, what if the flush tank was empty? For days? And how would I be able to clean my soiled hands? Or what if I was menstruating and had no water to wash? What would I do? How would women who had just given birth cleanse themselves or their babies? What if I could never find a mug to wash my face or bathe myself? No water to cook with?

I hadn't slept all night.

This is the life (it is not a come-and-go situation) that thousands of people face around the world. Imagine waking up to quench your thirst and realizing there is not a drop to drink in your tap, in your fridge, no where, nothing! Imagine having to walk 4 hours to fetch water that is contaminated and muddy? (This is the distance most people commute to work and back in India). I think I would chew on leaves to generate some saliva. And then what?

Stop what you're doing and imagine. Wouldn't it drive you to desperation?

There's hope, there's a solution. And you can help.

By giving what you can afford to donate. By giving up a burger or cupcake, a movie ticket, your birthday party, perhaps. Small, frivolous expenses.

Watch this inspiring human's story and how he brought fresh, crystalline water to these people.
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We join causes on Facebook and sign online petitions that we don't know the outcome of. Here's our chance to make a real difference. I am not here to spam or propagate. I am here to awaken something human inside you. It is our dilemma as much as it is theirs. I feel ashamed for taking long showers and buying expensive coats when there are people who thirst and hunger. And die.

This video changed the way I now spend, save and live. More conscious of wastefulness. More alert of the consequences of my actions.

Please take a moment and reflect on someone else's life rather than your own, just this once. And give. Spread the word around. Pool in a dollar or ten...every drop counts.

Thanks for reading this. And if you've contributed to this cause, you will blessed a thousandfold.

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