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Global Business Demands a Global Conversation


We spend a lot of time talking and having dialogues -- public and private -- on this site. It made me think.

How many of you would appreciate having these kind of discussions face to face, with other global professionals, in the office? What if there was a day of the month set aside when men and women from different companies could come to each others offices and have a conversation about anyting of importance that opened up in the daily communications on this site?

What really bothers me about the working world is how it operates so often in isolation.

You come to work for one company and do one thing for that one company, or you do a myriad things, but just for that one day, in that one company.

Other people are considered competition, or just sources for information and business.

What if we dropped those barriers and had healthy, industry-related, cultural-related, humanities-related discussions in a kind of retreat atmosphere within the office?

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