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Global Financial System - NOT 4 the faint-of-heart

Greetings to all;

Many are not aware of how Nigel Farage has taken on the Eurocrats in Belgium over their sloppy work with the Euro. There are some GREAT videos on YouTube of Mr. Farage coming out, hitting hard and publicly 'calling them out' on their lies and dirty business.

However, David Wilcock has recently offered a five-part sizzling exposé on the financial system, its history, and how it has contributed to global human enslavement, by whom and why. IF you are ready to hear the deeper dark story that is now being brought into the Light, I gently suggest you only read it if you are ready to have all that you thought you knew about our financial system rocked to its core.

Here is the link to the main page. There are links to five parts on this page. Obviously it is best to start with part one, as it will naturally feed into the others.

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These are the kinds of revelations being brought out at this time. People have died bringing this information into the Light, but thankfully this won't be happening for much longer. Sources indicate that arrests have now begun worldwide of those who have been abusing their power and positions. We are witnessing the collapse of the Euro because the Eurocrats no longer have the power and control to cover up all the information that is now being revealed.

It is your choice. Your world will not be same. This may scare you a bit, but I assure you that this info must first be exposed, before all the proposed solutions can be implemented. There are great things coming, but humanity must go through the 'withdrawal' of its addiction to living in ignorance and enslavement under the illusion of freedom and democracy. This will also be known soon enough. However, a much better, fairer and beneficial system for humanity and our planet awaits.

In truth, accountability, transparency and peace for all,
Geoffrey West
Visionary Consultant - Galactic, Global and Inner Peace/Healing Issues
LIFE-Counsellor, Lecturer and Author
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Galactic, global and inner peace/healing begins with a choice - a choice made by you!!

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