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Global Leadership Development Case Study

I am a looking for organizations that may be interested in participating in a case study for my doctoral dissertation. The organization needs to offer a dedicated global leadership development (GLD) program and allow access to the program and participants who would be willing to participate in the study.

The proposed title is "Understanding the “What” and the “How” of Global Leadership Development: An Instrumental Case Study".

The purpose of the research is focused on developing a deeper understanding of the type of transformation that occurs as a result of global leadership development (GLD) programs and on how individual program elements facilitate transformation conceptualized as development of global leadership competence.

The study will utilize a conceptual framework informed by Adult Learning Theory (Andragogy) and Transformative Learning (TL) theory to guide the research.

Gaining a deeper understanding of developmental outcomes in relation to program design grounded in adult learning and transformative learning theories will provide valuable insights that can warrant specific actions and improve efficacy of GLD programs, thus offering potentially significant implications for HRD and OL managers, leadership development consultants and other organizational leadership professionals seeking to increase the success of their GLD programs. While the goal of the proposed research study is to gain understanding rather than perform evaluation, some interpretations may be evaluative in nature and thus may provide valuable information to the participating organization about their program’s efficacy.

I am a doctoral student in the EdD program in Organizational Leadership at Northeastern University College of Professional Studies. If your organization has a GLD program and would be interested in participating in the case study, please contact me at Protected content .

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