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Global Terrorism & WWI (sounds better :))

I have been reading a lot about WWI and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire starting in the Middle East. I noticed many many secret groups being formed during the early 20th century with the purpose of gaining independence from the Ottoman oppression. To do this, the groups allied themselves with Britain and France who had the manpower and the money to fight against the Ottomans. As we know, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Palestine all gained independence almost only because of the help of one or the other of those two.
Today, now that we have globalization and people can move wherever&whenever they want, it has become easier for these groups to reach their targets without having to rely on anybody. OBL has been using YouTube, Al Jazeera etc So, globalization also works for the terrorist groups, and not against them.

Though, what puzzles me is that; do you think those secret societies still exist today and have taken the form of Al Qaeda etc, or do you think the past is past and these "bad boys" of new generation have nothing to do with their ancestors?


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