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Good Morning War (Poem)

I woke up one morning, to find
that war has broken out
Why need there always be ferocious minds?
Maybe life is meant to be without.

The thunderous roar of bombs rain upon the land;
the flames of destruction maim and disintegrate
The churning of tanks leaving tracks on the sand
of marauding armies coming to annihilate.

I pause to think of the screams;
of children tormented and petrified
and limbs go asunder, it seems
that life’s so cheap, it’s vilified.

It’s people and it’s politics
Not Satan, nor principality
Are they not zestful fanatics?
Insane avarice; it’s only harsh reality

People elect corrupt leaders;
unwittingly sanctioning their misdeeds
They claim to be faithful teachers
but proliferate, beguile with deceit.

Will God overpower all their antics
or are we alone to struggle in life?
Or shall we only seek to be frantic
upon discovering our follies in strive?

So where is solace and solitude?
Where is the abode of peace?
Perhaps, it’s deep within our plenitude
if our minds and hearts are appeased.

What shall we do?
Just stand and simply ignore?
Or do we revolt, redo and undo?
Or simply await death’s fore?

Behold, for this is a life of pain;
of suffering and abandonment
But somewhere between all disdain
sheds a light of hope and atonement.

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