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Good Terminal: A Blog for International Jet-Setters Who Frequently Visit Asia and Middle East


Are you a jet-setting, super-star international traveler? Do you take more than 12 flights a year around the world, for business and/or for pleasure?

Is it a great joy to visit a hyper-modern airport and marvel at the technology, while enjoying a relaxing massage in Singapore's Chiangi Airport? Do you sometimes wonder, when you visit New York's JFK International, why the immigration line feels like the cafeteria line in a third world jail?

If you frequent existing and new airports springing up in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and if you normally notice the finer things in airport amenities, then I would like to interview you for "Good Terminal," a technology and travel blog designed for the mobile airport lifestyle.

Please PM me and let's begin a conversation about what it is like to embark on air travel in this rapidly developing global economy. I am particularly interested in stories about the wonderful and tragic experiences you have had flying in and out of Asian, African and Middle Eastern airports.

In an age when you are likely to complete a deal on your walk from the gate to the baggage claim, let's treat the airport terminallike the second home.

Douglas Crets
Good Terminal Magazine

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