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Greek Elections – prosperity not austerity!

I really hope that the forthcoming elections in Greece give the people a real opportunity to start changing things for the better. There has already been far too much impoverishment of the decent majority. Prosperity not austerity is the only path to social and economic recovery. To all Greeks and their beautiful country, I wish you all the strength and the courage to initiate change, to commence a journey that restores pride and hope. Making the right choices can make Greece the envy of Europe, and once again the torch bearer for peace and a democracy returned to the people.

The Greece crisis could be resolved within a year - it really is that simple. No negative impact on the majority of people, no major change to our existing lifestyles, no austerity and no chaotic period of transition - democracy returned to the people.

The few small steps to prosperity…

* all sovereign debt to be written off.
* an end to sovereign debt means an end to government borrowing.
* 0% income tax on salaries up to €100,000 and 40% on all earnings above.
* every unemployed person to get a monthly basic income of €900.
* retirement option at 55 with a monthly pension of €1200.
* sales tax at no more than 20% on goods and services, 0% on labour.
* state owned national central bank to be main lender for 1st home loans.
* sales tax (stamp duty) on property sales fixed at 1%, 0% on purchases.
* no more state funded bailouts of private banks and corporations.
* an end to state sponsored ‘corporate fascism’.

The complete solution and how to pay for it at

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