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Groundbreaking parallel human history



How shocking could be to discover that there exists a parallel human history.?

Do you remember the time you were at school? when you did read your first books of history and the first lectures on universal history facts that changed the unfolding of development and down of cultures, empires and religions?

I remember i had always that feeling that i was learning something told, information shared by a teacher that did read it on official accepted texts, written by sponsored historians refering to set of documents chosen as valid, but that was not everything.

Years later, new informations came to my desk..., a list of ahhhhh! that make me now wonder if human-history did speed up in number of events, like science and tech did in its public developments, or it is only that internet shows me that the history written in books cannot be all that took place.

i will share a list of ahhhs! maybe you would like to share some ahhhhs too?

i did never read about any of those facts in the history books i learned along the first 16 years of studies, why? the facts where at that time already there, but not even teacher nor researcher would be informed.

How could be possible that the very new facts of science are not being shared straight away world wide and 90% of the planet take decisions based on out-dated information/facts.

which other stories are out there, and how many people still stick on the history/stories/deception of history books?

If i skip the conspiracy theories, and focus only in facts, what can i learn from human history that is not written in books? is there any white noise on the radio? is that a wireless signal?

A history book in some countries have been used to empower national identity, but also to justify political views and military action, but we also know that religious movements have been empowering science, technology, and political events. But nobody tells about the "spiritual" background of corporate, scientific and political decision making.

Who is writting human history of ur present time? based on the news, tv, and internet? how many parallel stories are not going to be told?

What about the history of people that trigger events and spread ideas, that change cultures, nations or global perception?

do X-files also belong to human history?

there are so many facts in the fields of culture, science, politics, society, and of the life of influential or key individuals that triggered history events, that are not known, and have not been registered.

what kind of parallel history theories do you know, would you share one? here i will share also 5.

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