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Haiti - Caribbean basket-case

Haiti has pretty much always been desperately poor; US interference in its politics hasn't helped. Even foreign aid is compromised - as per the link below. When the children in the slums are hungry, they make mud-cakes and eat those. I wonder how many places that happens.
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I have had a special sympathy for Haiti since I visited it way back in Protected content , in the time of Papa Doc and "The Comedians" (great book, great movie). I was only there a week, but my visit endorsed the lesson learned while hitching through the Middle East the year before, that "people are people". At base, people are the same all over the world. I reminisced about that week on my blog this past July [link below]. I can't see that any organisation provides any lasting help. I send money to the Salvation Army in the belief that it is the most honest of all the major charities, and the most ready to roll up their sleeves and get down and dirty. This Xmas, perhaps some other IN members will consider doing the same.
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