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Handshaking and transmitted diseases

Social political concern:

We engage in business with people from around the world however some practices can result harmful and yet if not adopted can be misscontructed as
a form of disrespect or insult. Then what solution do we recomment?

A hand-bump is performed when two people lightly "bump" their hands together while keeping their fists closed. Thus, the hand surfaces that contact are normally drier-which means a less "dark" and "wet" environment that bacteria and virus' enjoy.

The obvious problem with the hand-bumping solution is that the ritual of handshaking has been around for centuries and is the accepted norm of greeting in many societies. As a matter of fact, Wikipedia states that hand shaking has been around since the 2nd century BC. ( Protected content wiki/Handshake ) Additionally, if someone should profer a hand for you to shake, you must shake that hand without hesitation-else it be seen as a slight or insult. Sadly, establishing the hand-bump as the accepted norm will probably never occur.

So the question is:

Are some of society practices a hazard to your health?

What diseases can be transmitted with a handshake?

If you recently cut your hand are you vulnerable to a transmitted disease such as aid?
What alternative for handshaking do you recommend?

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