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Happy Birthdays to Our IN network friends


I'm always in a quandary when I want to wish someone in my network a Happy Birthday and I go over to their profile to see they are a basic member. That means they have only five communications a month. I want to send a Happy Birthday wish but feel badly about using one of their five and that's even if they have any left for the given month.

So, today, I;m in that quandary again. My network friend is a basic member.

So here I see the alternative for all of us in the same quandary.

This is Society at its best. This is a network to create goodwill and friendships. What better way than to have a thread we can post greetings to our network friends.

So friends of IN...when it's your birthday look on the forum for all the wishes. That way you'll see you are not forgotten on this special day.

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