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Hatred towards French in America?

It’s been quite a long time since there was anything genuinely positive about France or the French in most of the American media. From outright detestation to plain scorn, tease and racist “jokes,” we’ve had our fill of hatred and vilification. And I’m just thinking of the mainstream media, be it TV, radio and newspapers where clichés and disinformation abound.
For those who wouldn’t have paid attention, here are some of the things that are regularly hurled at the French:

Irrelevant, snooty, weak, coward, unhealthy (they smell), racist, anti-Semitic, ungrateful, a bunch of commies and a lagging economy. Add to that that their military is a joke, they’ve lost every single battle they fought, they resent their loss of prestige and long after their vanished glory (probably the days of old when Louis the 14th or Napoleon were rulers of Europe…), and the prominent moments of their history are Vichy and the four years of German occupation.

And this is just the innocuous part of it…

What do you say to that? Do you experience it the way I do?

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