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Have a mix Debt/Equity loan provider for conventional or Alternative energy projects worldwide

A new funding group I started working with recently, with many years experience in the loan business is willing to provide long term loans for conventional / Alternative energy power plants, Refineries development/reconstruction,Bio fuels, Sea ports and oil tankers etc.
Finance is offered to projects in need of US $30M and up, deals greater then $100M are welcome, business groups in alternative energy entrepreneurship with a line of on going and future spread of alternative energy related deals are more then welcome.

Additional type of desired energy related projects: Alternative Clean Energy sources such as Hydro, Thermal, Nuclear, Wind, Hydrogen, Wave and Solar,water desalination and purification etc,

Project financing is usually structured as follows: Equity needed from borrower is usually about 20% of the total project cost. Debt financing is therefore equal to 80% of the total project cost, on top of that, the group will consider in favor of adding additional Equity loan around 10% of the project (that is if the project owner invested this money historically in the project) - this means the project owner can meet some of his INVESTED EQUITY BACK (some sort of a mini exit already) and still stay with an 80% debt loan for financing his entire project, in such a case all he needs to bear is 10% equity ! such an offer doesn't exist by traditional banks to the best of my knowledge.

Projects duration sought is 10 years and up, the longer the better.
Other benefits of this powerful funding tool: No up front fees, very fast process Protected content in average including DD), a very competitive interest rate on the loan itself - unbeatable by most banks, after a signed NDA and NCND my source will share more in depth details on the process, we mean business - please pass on deals that comply with what is described above please !

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