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Have you ever been a victim of hacking attacks?

The digital hackers of 20 years ago hacked into computer networks for the pure pleasure of showing off. However, today’s hackers mostly hack for traditional thievery steal. Digital thieves are constantly on the lookout for data to steal—personal information, financial records, intellectual property, or whatever valuable data they can get.

There are different types of hackers and regardless of the harm they cause, the law still considers them being criminals. The punishment depends upon the circumstances and can range greatly. The harshest punishment for a computer crime got Albert Gonzalez. A computer hacker and criminal was accused of masterminding the credit card theft (stealing about Protected content credit and debit card numbers) and was sentenced to 20 years in U.S. federal prison.

Do you share the idea that instead of prosecuting the best computer hackers the government should recruit them to launch cyber-attacks? Or on the contrary, do you believe that penalties against hacking should be more severe.

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