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Health Insurance for Expatriates

We have just been hiked up( again) by Allianz World Wide Care, for our next insurance year ( our 8th with them!) but this time the hike is 28 % increase to Protected content for just one couple. We live in West Africa, and the insurance covers the world except the USA. It is a good cover, but not at all the best they offer. I just saw the offer via Intyernations with NOW expat insurance. Does anybody have them ( NOW) since a year or longer, who could give me an idea of their experience, how are they, etc. I have never heard of them, but that does not mean much. 10 years ago I had BUPA and then we changed to Allianz, which is good, but 11,000$ is just too much ! Many thanks for your advise. J.E. Hartsema.

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