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Help: How do I prove former residence in AUS?


Hi there,

My name is Pete, I am from Melbourne, trying to move to Spain to study and am currently performing that process, based in Bremen. I need a bit of expat help with a certain requirement in my application that is super complicated to satisfy as an Australian applying for the visa through the European system. Would you be able to offer any insight on this?

​I am applying for a Spanish student visa​. I am doing this in Germany because I have my current German residence permit which means "I am a registered German" this year. ​This is the one certain criteria for my visa application​ that I am having trouble with:

"Documentos acreditativos de la residencia durante los últimos cinco años."
"accredited documents detailing your residence over the last five years"

​The correspondent from the Spanish embassy in Hamburg whom I'm dealing with also said this in relation to the above criteria (roughly translated):

"you need to prove your residence in Australia of the time before you lived in Germany, you need to present documents issued in Australia, maybe in Australia the council issues these documents."​

​​Another way of wording it would be: "prove to me that you haven't lived anywhere else except Australia for the past 5 years and show me some type of certified document from an official registry / source".​

This is a normal thing in Europe but in Australia we do not have a residency registration process equivalent to that in Europe (Anmeldung in Germany and Empadronamiento in Spain). The Australian Government, and state and local governments, have no central record or register of the addresses of all individual Australians. Instead, they keep records for specific purposes and services such as for voting and tax.

Thanks for any information whatsoever that you could provide me with, it is sincerely appreciated,

I wish you all the best, kind regards,

Pete Milos Venticich
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