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help re criminal employer - urgently need advice


please do NOT repeat any of this but need to bounce ideas off people and need HELP!!!!

my line manager has been doing things that are illegal and very dangerous for the company and me personally (involves large amounts of theft).
I have protested this repeatedly and verbally (only one who did) and have been ignored and been intimidated and threatened into cooperating (but I did NOT steal) and concealing.
He has spent the last year doing this and has also been trying to force me out without any due process and in multiple violations of labor law.
I have always kept records of all of this showing what he did to protect myself.

last week he marched me out of the building on trumped up claims in violation of 7 articles of labour law.
The next day he tried to seize passports of me and family to cancel our visas next day and then ring my bank.
I would most likely then go to jail for my car loan or would have to run (what he was trying to make me do).

Instead I went to the CEO with the evidence of what he had done and went to min. of labour to lodge a complaint of arbitrary dismissal (get them to back off)

Just want time to get another job as I told CEO (3 mths or so garden leave) and to get my life back in another job.
He was sympathetic - i said i should not have to pay for crimes of this guy and that he has jeopardised the company with his actions.

Am, now awaiting outcome - I THINK I did the right thing.......


Once more - this is now with authorities and management - PLEASE - no mention outside forum - just want to bounce this off members....been thru hell re this in the last 14 months....


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