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Her name is “Bethlehem” and she founded SoleRebels

The planet's first fair trade green footwear company.

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Do you or even can you buy Fair Trade products where you live?
Why? or Why not?
How about organically grown products?

The story of Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu inspired me this Sunday morning as I sipped my coffee and caught the last 10 minutes of an interview with her on the BBC News program called “The Ideas Exchange,” a series airing on BBC this September.

I also couldn’t help but think about how this thread might weave in and out of other current threads on the InterNations Forum.


“Most beautiful women” thread….just look at her smile!… and her name is Bethlehem!!… … and THEN listen to her express herself with so much practical wisdom!!! …!!!!


“The Venus Project” thread…. couldn’t help but think how her concept is a fine example of something that could thrive in a Resource Based economy.

I wanted to sponsor a thread that focuses on gentleness. Ideas that are gentle with the earth, gentle with people and most of all to shine a little light on the idea that gentleness is not weakness, but strength.



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