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Hidden reefs of multicultural communication

Hello everybody,

I am almost sure that many of you experienced at least once an uncomfortable feeling of being completely misunderstood, though both you and your partner were speaking about one and the same thing, in one and the same language.
This sentiment of confusion has been described in some remarkable novels like Fear and Trembling, by Amélie Nothomb, screened in Protected content in the film Lost in Translation, both on the specificity of the Asian culture. Stephen Clarke’s comic novels A year in the merde (and its sequels) describing difficulties of assimilation of the French culture by an Englishman coming to Paris to set up a chain of tea rooms, are very funny and extremely instructive for expats coming to Paris!

Switzerland with its cultural diversity and people coming from all over the world is also an excellent place for such cultural confusions.

Have you ever found yourself in such ridiculous situations related to cultural differences? Protected content

Looking forward to reading your commentaries!!!

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