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How Do We Build Politics in the US for the 99%?


With the recent deletion of multiple threads containing valuable input from members I feel it necessary to create a thread related to an ongoing subject which will most likely be at the forefront, wane and return to the forefront over time. I am not confident to input information regarding this subject on any thread under the whim of deletion by its author, should for any reason, he/she becomes unhappy at the flow of conversation. Therefore the creation of this thread is a promise to let live and remain regardless of who inputs and how heated the discussions will be. It stands safe. I believe in the premise that when a Thread/Discussion is created and the response is healthy, it usually means the Thread has grown beyond belonging to one person, an author. The Thread becomes the brain of the IN community, initiated by the author. The Author stands for the pen and not the brain. The brain is the contribution of all the members to creating the discussion of the subject; therefore, the Thread becomes a shared effort.

Exploring the political issues:
The current issue at the time of the implementation of this Thread is the recent Government Shutdown in October Protected content the near brink disaster of Congress hijacking the Democratic model to create a hostage and extortion style of rule in an effort to defund and debunk the Obama Health Care program which rolled out in October Protected content registration.

In the first few days of the program 9 million American went on line to learn about the program causing a technical overload is what is being described as a not so well done technical creation of the program.

As the Thread develops many different aspects will surface to be discussed regarding American politics as the Health Care program continues to unfold and the new deadlines finally agreed upon for further funding in January and February of Protected content .

This is a Thread for all to use and discuss. It stands firm that it will be available regardless of the subjects discussed and the temperature of the discussions.

Now, we all know that politics can become heated. Let us remember that we may have temperatures rise but in the end we are all here to "discuss" and "respect" each other. If that falls short at any time, it is the bigger man or woman to acknowledge the misstep towards the other.

Comparison chart for review of healthy care costs across the world versus the United States of America

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Compare the Costs of Health Care across the world: ( Very informative discussion)
The United States has the highest cost per individual and not the best service.
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