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How numbers & property lead you to true wealth?


How numbers & property lead you to true wealth?


As you know i have been working and studying nature principles, and i did a great discovery!

The Elements in nature, according to my work are 9, the ones that make life possible, but i will later talk more about them, i will now share with you about the earth element and how it can change or already changed your life and how can you master it.

Make it tangible, with the earth element ! you can free your soul, become wealthy and discover you are actually already sucessful.

Article on how little numbers and property would sign the path to real joy, your material means, would mirror who you really are or would like to be, but better, what can you do and how to transform your life into what you really would like to, to create the dream of your life.

In the following article you will learn how the earth element can help you become that kind of sucessful individual you always wanted to be, and according to your perception of what success means, help you advance your path to true wealth and joy, heart based.


Life blue print seems to dont be a secret anymore, but why people still complain about not reaching their life goals?

while the question is always about what you wished to live as for a life experience, in your heart, your inner wisdom might bring you to several adventures and challenges, making out of life itself the forge for your spirit, emotions, body and mind

while at the forge it is not possible to avoid life to mark you, how to create out of a deep mark, and all its emotional imprints and memories, the soil for ascension, self transformation and keep the sight on what really makes you successful and capable to fulfill your wishes.

A man that wants to climb tress, might have a very particular feeling of the climbing process, and develop the skills necessary for such a joy, but might take place that few times, out of distraction or luck, this individual will fall down from the tree.

Would you say he , she or it did something wrong?

How you make out of a life experience the substance that nurtures and fuels, ignites your life stream?

Take a look at the earth element, how it became for you that important, that without perceiving you “owning property”, for example, an expression of earth, you will consider you are like having nothing in life or no place to dwell or to grow organic, nor legacy for future generations.

There is a key for perceiving the earth, tangible achievements, which i share in the make it tangible decision making training, which will help you innerstand a beautiful truth of life.

Consider for a moment all your belongings, what do you have and what is yours, in terms of material things. Realize the value of all of these objects and review the necessary process or lucky events that brought you to them or them to you, and how much energy, or efforts, and process you have had to invest in order to finally have the property and later care for it.

All of this means for you an emotional experience.

now give a number (from zero to 9, nine is the top maximmum) to each of this objects or material belongings, according to:

A. how much fun and joy you have with it
B. how much it costed you (terms of money)
C. how much efforts it did mean to get it for you
D. how much efforts it means to care for it
E. how much time of your life is monthly consumed into caring for it and enjoying it
feel first each question and then assign subjectivelly the number. Try to be precise regarding the intensity of the feeling, as stronger it feels go high in number up to nine. (*)

by using this simple method, you will discover a unique fact, your “property impact” in your life. if you have an idea of your life history and decision making regarding life changes, you will realize with the following number what all of this property means for you.

F. how many others things, experiences, people, choices you would have fun and joy with did you leave/rejected/avoided as for engaging into the efforts of getting property and caring for it.

This following number might bring to you awareness of the relationship of these property and your life choices.

Now have a look, based on this numbers, on your priorities, life priorities, how you make decisions, and which are the standard most common ranking you do create for alternatives, options, possibilities, choices you have perceived as feasible or prefered for/in/within your life.

You know there where other possibilities, the question i am driving you is how you do choose to perceive which possibilities you have and why or what creates the pattern of your earth-based experiences?

How earth can become the cave that traps you, hides you or limits your vision of life, or how earth could become the loving vibrating puls of your heart?

Remember that earth, as mountains rounding a valley, will change your possibilities to perceive the long distance or perspective of the location you are and its surroundings, pathways, resources close available, and even people living around.

The limits will be set according to your capacity of perception and ability to see through things you create, accumulate or choose for your life values and priorities, or we would say for climbing a mountain, and see all you need to see, and experience all you need to experience, and enjoy all you are capable to enjoy and realize your position in the quantumverse, you might prefer to have the most accurate perspective regarding to what you, with your choices and perception, do create in your own life
All earth based property is a very tangible sign, which demonstrates, what your life tendency are and are a good mirror of your future, created by yourself in every day perception.

If you are joyful about your life and the numbers you got are a sign of what yoy wish to achieve, then well done! i wont ask now if you life sustainable and are capable to cope with a resilient world, or if you care or dare for becoming daily self consciouss up to reaching a prime love consciousness, as those choices again are defined by your priorities set.

This little numbers game, will become a mirror for you which will help you observe yourself and life with some distance.

Now consider that you woud like to change something in your life, that probably you realized that “your own earth” settings are limiting your ability to feel alife and joyful and sucessful, that your choices, decisions were not those you would today make any more, as you changed, after so many years of exeriences on earth. But how to change the pattern?

Here, in following posts i will explain you more on how… where to start? review your priorities set. You are also welcome to ask questions regarding decision making, perception, wealth and elements management.

Smiles on the road!

"Make it tangible, apply prime technology for your life and business" - LUIS IX

(*) you could try a second or third alternative by adding the postive feeling of it in 9+ or negative feeling of it in Protected content these positive or negative numbers will give you a tottaly different perspective. OR, third possibility, you could give acording to your set of values to some questions the possibility to sign +/- or only positive numbers.

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