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How Religion Evolved and Why it Endures

I guess humans have always been confused with religion. How it started and where is the need for a religion?

To me as humans grew from nomads and started living in groups in different geographies there was a need for togetherness and also a strong need for the group to formulate rules for a peaceful living. Gradually they started having some beliefs and customs and different groups evolved in different corners with their own beliefs, faiths and so on which here I would call the way of living.

In between came the reformists and leaders who would find the changing needs of their groups and tried to reform their societies in the region and where they belonged to for the betterment. Hence as each society grew there was a need of strong rules to be followed which could be either beliefs or the local customs. This in a way is important to have togetherness and the commoness of the social setup.

These systems were very strongly inbibed and and would have been binding on every individual of that society. These practices and beliefs later were termed as religions and given different names names.

In every geography you would find some religious leaders coming and fighting the evils. But what were those evils? Probably the old beliefs they they used to follow but over a perid of time had lost their significance or needed to be done away with to keep the societal balance. These also many times lead to the formation of separate religions.

Probably thats the reason all religions have many things in common. No religion is there which does not agree with some super power of GOD since thats still subtle and incomprehensible to humans as on date. No religion teaches you hatered of fellow people. Any religious person will ask you to respect others. When you look at this at a broader sense and cross the bounderies across religions people call themselves spirituals. Spritualism is again treating all living beings as pious and respect them and be treated respectfully.

So when all religions teach brotherhood and have so much in common then why the differences? Lets spread the message of commonness and become one global society and spread one religion of humanity.

GOD bless all

The Faith Instinct: How Religion Evolved and Why it Endures. By Nicholas Wade.

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