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How to expand a succesful European business to US?

We are the Germany based efficiency specialist for firms in market research industry. We implement standardized processes through optimized software tools (e.g. shift and work time collection, payroll processing, shift planning, quality monitoring, real time commercial reporting and more).

Our clients are small to large sized data collection companies running one or more cati centers with tens or hundreds of interviewing computers (cati seats).

Cooperation partners are, for example, Askia, Nebu or Voxco (with Nipo and Confirmit in tending position) and we also connected our management software with additional survey tools as Sawtooth or SPSS.

For expanding our business to the North American market we are looking for entrepreneurs and companies having their main business in either services provider for market research firms, IT service providers or a similar sector where our products are complementary.

Does anybody like to share some ideas? What would be a good place to look for? Who would be a good contact to talk to?


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