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How to get 1-year Indian tourist visa?


I'm planning a trip to the Tibetan settlement in Bylakuppe in southern India, and would like to apply for 1-year visa. Tourist visa is normally given for 6 months, but 1 year visa shall be considered if justified. Does anyone have any tips on how to best argue the case for getting the 1 year visa? I am a Czech national, resident of UK for 8 years, applying in London. I have an invitation letter from the monastery confirming that I will be staying there for 1 year, but someone has warned me not to mention at all that I am going to the Tibetan settlement because of the political tensions regarding India-China relations. Apparently, Indians don't encourage foreigners into those refugee areas for fear of subversive activity. I don't know if this is true. Does anyone have experience of or opinion on this?

What shall I do? Will I succeed in get ting the 1-year visa as a tourist without a particular destination, or shall I be honest and produce the letter? Comments much appreciated.

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