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How to live in your country....?

I am lucky enough to be able to live in foreign countries. Many friends of mine asked me if it is easy to obtain a living visa either in europe or in middle east and many caucasion friends asked me if is it easy to obtain a visa in Indonesia. Most of them are trying to have better life in other country than his/her own country. The thing is they think to move without having a job and just bring their saving to start living somewhere....

As in Oman, after experiencing living in europe and africa, obtaining a living visa is not as difficult as in europe. We can even live here with tourist visa where every 2 months we can just quit the country to dubai or nearest countries and back and if we are lucky, we can find a job who provide a working visa.

In Indonesia, to live there is very complicated for foreigners. Not only this country is very corrupt but to find 'right' information is also very difficult. The foreigner tax is based on "case to case". Connection is become extremely important...

I have friends from pakistan who have very excellent skill stuck in their country. they said, my application is declined live in Canada due to my nationality. I felt so sorry for them ... then it comes to my mind if we could share information how your country welcome foreigners to live there for asian passport holders. How to obtain the resident visa? what is the risk of living there illegally? what would be the difficulties of living in your country in term of living cost, renting place, laws, etc.

Dear friends, let start sharing any information you have about your country...

Thank you....

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