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how to look for fully Law professionals in Spain

I am writing this to advice on the risk that you might suffer while hiring law professional services in Spain (relocation lawyers and other law professionals that offer their services to foreigners in the web)
The word lawyer in the US or UK means that one is fully qualified and can assist you via Court, Here in Spain you have to be careful as there are some people that define themselves as “lawyers” which are not.
It is important to crosscheck professional credentials before hiring services, in the case of qualified lawyers in Spain, this risk is easy to assess while doing the following, of course you can skip these steps if you feel so, but always check things before giving any money as to avoid frustration and in some cases fraud depending on the services offered.
You can avoid this by doing the following steps:
•Go to Protected content
•Find the person ( name and surname), then the name should appear if not ,this person is not a lawyer( qualified lawyer in Spain) so refrain to hire anything with him/ her as he is giving misleading advertisement ( my recommendation)
•You can have the scenario where the person appears , then double quick on the name and you will have the following information: EJERCIENTE if this says NO it means that this person is not a fully qualified lawyer which means that cant assist you on Court the field has to be EJERCIENTE : SI( YES) , also has a field that says RESIDENTE means that he lives in Spain so he /she is eligible lawyer in the country
•Both fields RESIDENTE and ejerciente need to be YES ( SI) to be a fully qualified lawyer in Spain which means that they have gone to law practice school after having finished their Law degree and are trained to assist / defend you in court

•If these 2 fields RESIDENTE and EJERCIENTE are NO refrain to hire his/ services( my recommendation) as you will be paying for services for non-fully qualified professionals( with the price of fully qualified ones)
It is important to crosscheck in general that professionals are fully qualified for the work / services they are offering In a globalization world we have to be more careful as an English proverb says ”prevention is always a cure”.
Also if the professional tells you I am qualified in other country ask for credentials and crosscheck with the professional college in the country, she/ he tells you he is a part of. This type of information is public for everybody However in the case of Spain, lawyer are only eligle to assist you in the territory that they live, so it is difficult that someone who says as an example “ I am a qualified lawyer in X and X country” will be able to assist you overseas as per definition lawyer must live in the country they are qualified for in the eventual case you might have this scenario distrust the professional or at least crosscheck if their credentials are correct before hiring his/ her services and ask the college he/ she is registered in to avoid bias. I will appreciate that you circulate this information in other expat pages as to advice others, much appreciated

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