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How would you solve it?

How would you solve the following :

Users (or yourself) visit a website developed by a consultant/Couch/advicer/trainer/wise individual/company

As all content shared in this site shares non-tangible values.


1. ) If you go to a market and buy a yogurt, you consume it after paying for it. While in our case, at the same time you visit the site and read it, you are already consuming the goods/products. But where is the cashier? Where could you pay for the value of the goods before consuming them? how can a consultant/trainer/coach reach you, in order to ask you for a payment?

2. ) If a consultant or advicer gives to you advice, information or support you in the process of building up abilities you need. The results are inmeditaly and long term (endless) beneficial for your life, business and personal development. But you pay only once for the product or service. Why? ( As the benefits out of the product or service increases daily, the consultant needs next month to look for/after a new customer).

3. ) If a consultant or advicer wishes to bring information and skills to the world, such an enterprise will need not only from resources, but as well from travel, publications, events where the individuals and organizations that wishes to receive the benefits associated to his/her work will meet him/her.


If the content of this site directly or indirectly created, through your consciouss or unconsciouss self-awareness, use or application, a particular benefit (visible or invisible, tangible or intentional) for you, your life and your business, how should the visitor of the site pay to you for that benefit?


If you receive advice, information regarding a method/system/tool/practice/skill/concept/idea and use of it, or certain technical and practical skills; your application of that advice, information and built skills will benefit you for whole life.

This long term (endless) benefit is the intention of the services provided, in general by a consultant, couch, trainer, advicer.

HOW would you solve this challenge?

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